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Small Keepsake Handmade Ceramic Pet Urn

Small Keepsake Handmade Ceramic Pet Urn

Introducing Our Small Keepsake Handmade Ceramic Pet Urn. It’s a timeless and meaningful way to pay tribute to your beloved furry friend. Each urn is meticulously crafted by hand. Knowing that someone you love so much has a one-of-a-kind work of art to rest in brings comfort and solace. Features: * Handmade with Care: Each urn is individually crafted to ensure uniqueness and quality. * Elegant Design: A beautiful and timeless piece that honors your pet's memory. * Heartfelt Tribute: Provides a dignified and loving resting place for your cherished companion. Celebrate the memory of your beloved pet with a keepsake that is as unique and special as they were.

**Payments Also Accepted*** Venmo: @tracylevydesign

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